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The term ‘vastu’ literally means ‘dwelling’ and ‘shastra’ means ‘teaching’. It is a study involving complex and detailed techniques and mathematical formula. It focuses on the well-being of the people inhabiting a place. The ancient body of science is sacred and very valued amonst several communities across the world. it leads one to believe that only when the universal forces, nature and the flow of energy are aligned, can one set out to achieve what they desire.

The five main elements for this ancient study are: fire, water, air, earth and space. It also has a reverence and recognition of the sacred powers and forces that are beyond human understanding. It deeply believes that the centre of a place should attract the highest amount of positive energy and should avoid any kind of negative energy. Thus, the centre should always be kept clean, fresh and happy, harmonized with positive energies.

Negative energy removal from Home, Office and Land.

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According to Vastu Shastra, the owner(s) of the living space can only benefit when the space is in alignment with Vastu guidelines. These benefits are related to health, happiness, growth and monetary prosperity of the person(s). a lot of Vastu flaws may be identified easily as others need bold steps to ensure the flow of energy isn’t hindered. The positive cosmic energies are said to ensure longevity in peaceful lives, relationships and prosperity. The hindrances or misalignments are called ‘Doshas’. Every dosha has a solution that the Vastu expert can give. The purpose is to maintain the right balance between negative and positive energies by placement and removal of objects, etc.

Depending on the purpose of a room or building, the Vastu Shastra has rules and guidelines that one should follow to achieve the highest purpose and maintain the alignment with the universal powers. The colours used, the positioning of doors and rooms, the directions, the height, etc. all play a very important role.

Vastu consultancy services are resorted by many people, especially businessmen, around the world. as part of this service, Abhishek Singhal studies the location, area, formation, direction, etc. of a physical entity, usually homes and business houses to determine if the formation will be successful. The site is studied and examined in detail by the vastu expert and potential problems are forecasted. The same experts even provide the solutions to the said problems. It may be done with the help of a map or by physically physically checking the place.

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