Stock Market Predictions

Stock Market Prediction

I do stock market prediction since the age of 12 and I do prediction based on my vision.

There are planets and stars concerned with the reaction and happenings of stock markets and matches respectively. I study the positions and shifts of these stars and planets to come to a conclusion that people have and always can depend upon. I believe that astrological shifts and occurrences are responsible for these events and hence can be predicted by following the same method. A lot may consider it as a mere astrological service but we consider it as a service to the universe and its powers and forces that guide us along our journey of helping and healing others.

For important events, astrologers like to combine two or more methods to seek confirmation of their pre-determined solutions. The solutions and predictions become a lot more refined and fine-tuned. While there are a lot of online websites available that provide tools and methods for layman to make their own predictions, they are highly unreliable and unsafe. The success of the prediction depends on the methods used and the accuracy of details too.

I already know about stock market in nifty sensex commodity. I used my divine power to predict about upcoming stocks ups and downs.

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