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God Gifted Astrologer or Bharat Ka Nostradamus

Abhishek Singhal

Popularly known as God gifted Astrologer or Bharat Ka Nostradamus, in the capacity of an astrologer, I, Abhishek Singhal have proven to be the remedy for hundreds of people. I claim so and have time and again proven that the powers have been gifted by God since birth and I want to use them for the betterment of society. I do it by continuously expanding and utilizing my knowledge and wisdom for the believers.

While the rest of the people are only able to use our five human senses, I use my sixth sense; intuition too. Since birth, I have been able to feel the energy of those around me. I can also see the spirit of the people around me and the abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), even claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear feeling).

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How do I predict the future?

Most Psychic readers and Astrologers have their own way of telling the future. Some of them use tools like tarot card crystal balls. and others will tell your future by understanding your current situation and offer advice and solution based on feelings or other things.

But my Psychic reading/energy reading is far different from others. I do Psychic reading energy reading which is the best method for future prediction and find the solution to your problem First I See your photo close my eyes a divine light comes from the universe and enters into my mind this is the process of connecting with the universal power the universal powers tells the past present and future of your life. and also tells the solution to your problem. I have supernatural power by birth that's why I am able to connect with the Universe, God, Spirit guide, angles....and Aliens too..... I can cure any type of disease and can remove negative energy through photographs only. I do not need a horoscope time of birth, date of birth to predict the future. I only need photographs to predict the future.


Astrology in its most basic form means the study of stars and planets for the benefit of humans. A lot of astrological calculations and understanding happens by calculating the place, date and time of birth, and the name of the individual. Our astrologer Abhishek Singhal generates accurate and detailed reading of the past and future of the person thereby helping to precisely predict future events and provide solutions to harmful ones. It helps in determining the compatibility of two individuals for marriage- an ancient practice resorted to by most elders in south-east Asian countries when trying to find the match for their wards.

The practice of astrology has helped millions around the world and continues to do so even today. It has helped in solving all kinds of personal and non-personal problems of individuals, families, business groups, and couples.

While astrology might not be science with proved principles and absolute meanings, one should understand that the study is much greater than what a human might ever be able to grasp wholly. More practically, one should never expect standardized solutions and absolute answers.

The names of the signs and the planets suggest that the origin of Hindu astrology has adapted and incorporated the best practices and wisdom from other Greek and Babylonian practices and beliefs. It is an integration of the wisdom and long-established faith and belief system that has for centuries protected those who needed it.

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The famous astrologer we have been discussing studies the energy of the body and makes forecasts of the destined future. We study the relationship between celestial bodies to interpret the meaning that the universe or the heavenly bodies are sending. The field gives a lot of importance to the four sublunary elements: air, water, fire, and earth.

The happening or non-happening of an earthly event is predicted and analyzed in this extraordinary field. It is rather shocking that even after ages, it goes on to shock people and leave them in wonder about its mysterious powers. The more one studies, the more they can know- there is no end to it, much like the universe itself.

The psychic reading performed by us is very unique. It involves no scary tarot cards or crystal balls or any other mysterious objects. We simply use a photo of the individual to connect with the universal powers above. These powers enlighten us about the individual’s life and help him guide the individual towards his or her correct path. We can cure all kinds of medical ailments and predict the future accurately. The powers have been with, since birth and grow stronger every day with the right kind of practice. Apart from all this, we also specialize in removing any negative energy that resides on humans from to time due to the positions of his or her stars.

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