Maa Durga is also known as "Shakti" means she is the Energy behind everything in this universe. Goddess  Durga is the bestower of Courage, Strength, Protection and Victory over Enemies. 

Worshipping Goddess  Durga not only protects the worshipper from all kind of Adversaries, Evil forces, Evil Energies but he/she is also blessed with unparalleled courage to counter and destroy his enemies. The divine energy of Goddess Durga strengthens the body, mind as well as the soul of worshipper thereby bringing Positivity in his life. Nav Durga Puja is also very helpful in removing all kinds of hurdles and obstacles from a person's life thereby paving a path to Peace, Prosperity and Success.


The name Shakti has been given to Goddess Durga because she manifests herself in 9 different forms each having specific divine powers and appearance and the Goddess Durga incorporates in herself Combined Powers of all these different 9 incarnations.


A very special Festival known as Navratri is celebrated all over India also in abroad to pay reverence to each of these incarnations of Goddess Durga known as 





Skand Mata


Kaal Ratri 

Maha Gauri 


This festival of Navratri spreads over 9 days and one each of these days is dedicated to one of the incarnations of Goddess Durga.


Astrologer Abhishek Singhal offers 9 days special navratri puja which is performed secretly under the guidance of Divine Energy, and the procedure of puja cannot be disclosed with anyone.


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